Welcome to ALIC and Androscoggin Lake!

Our mission is to preserve and protect Androscoggin Lake.

About Androscoggin Lake

Beautiful Androscoggin Lake, a 4000 acre lake in Wayne and Leeds, is an unusual wildlife habitat for several endangered species, abundant and popular fishery, home for rare plant communities, and important recreational resource in Central Maine. Read more and see the Photo Gallery

About ALIC

The Androscoggin Lake Association, incorporated in 1980, became ALIC, the Androscoggin Lake Improvement Corporation. We have grown to over 200 member families and supporters, and ALIC is well known state wide as a very active environmental advocacy group and innovative lake association. Read more about ALIC's history, projects, and goals.

Summer 2014 Scavenger Hunt

The Scavenger Hunt has been a great deal of fun for everyone this summer! Participants captured photo images from a list of scavenge categories designed to be both fun and informative. Winners were announced at the 2014 ALIC Annual Meeting on August 9th. The list of winners can also be found on the Scavenger Hunt site.

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